Memory Foam Pillow


Made with no breakable parts. 100 year warranty. A simple, tough, hard-working backpack that will only get better looking with use. Because of natural oils shade may vary.

  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE-This Memory Foam Pillow is made with excellent quality memory foam. It’s softer and more comfy than other inflatable pillows.
  • EXCLUSIVE ERGONOMIC SHAPE-It’s designed to settle in your neck, and lets you sleep peacefully in different positions. This travel Pillow is ideal for traveling and driving.
  • EASY TO CARRY- It has a storage strap and a hook making it easy to carry during travel. Save your luggage space by strapping to a smaller size.
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE COVER-The Memory Foam Travel Pillow is packed with high-quality removable and washable cover making cleaning and eliminating germs easy.
  • NATURAL FIT FOR EVERYONE-The Straps are adjustable to fit to your neck size and improve support.
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